• Vulcanized
  • Encapsulated
  • Moulded O’ rings
  • Extruded Cold/Profiles

FEP / PFA Encapsulated Seals:

Encapsulated-O-Rings are generally manufactured with a Viton or Silicone energising core and have an exterior DuPont FEP or PFA jacket.
Encapsulated O Rings are used in a wide variety of markets and Applications.


The Vulc-O-Rings (or cord rings) are used in many markets across diverse applications owing to its profile and material versatility. It provides a cost effect sealing solution for end users looking to avoid expensive tooling costs associated with fully moulded O-Rings.
Our Vulc-O-Rings are within market leading tolerances and joint a strength of 95% of a fully moulded product.
The Rings also have a very low “compression set” due to the high quality of materials used.

Astra Seals

The Astra Seal is designed to work within a temperature range of - 250 ̊C to + 260 ̊ C.  
The spiral wound metal insert is encapsulated within DuPontTM FEP or PFA.  
They can be manufactured to withstand 1500 psi.

The Astra seal comprises both a 302 stainless flat wound ribbon spring encapsulated in either a FEP or PFA jacket to form an O- Ring.

Temperature Range:
FEP/Astra: - 250°C to +204°C (- 420F to + 428F)
PFA/Astra: - 250°C to +260°C (- 420F to + 500F)

ASTM Type 302
AMS 5059
Astra Seals

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